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Carburettor Heat Spacers

Heat Resistant Carburettor Spacers

Suitable for all British motor cycles with Amal Concentric, Monoblock, or the Pre-Monoblock 276 & 289 carburettors.

Because this heat spacer is manufactured out of Silicon Resin Bonded Fabric (or SRBF for short!) it is over 50% more heat resistant than its phenolic predecessor.

It does not become brittle over time and is also impervious to the Ethanol fuel additive that has recently been added to petrol.

These heat spacers allow the carburettor to remain cooler, run smoother at higher revs, and allow easier starting when the engine is hot.

These spacers will fit all motor cycles that are running an Amal Concentric, Monoblock, or the pre-Monoblock 276 & 289 carburettor.

The dimensions are: thickness—3mm.
Spacing between bolt holes—43mm.
Spacing from the middle of bolt holes—50mm.
Bolt holes—8mm diameter.
Outer length—66mm.  Outer middle—42mm.

We stock the following sizes:
20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 25mm, 27mm, 28mm, 28.5mm, 30mm, and 32mm.

The price per spacer is £8.95 including Post and Packing.

For multiple orders just knock 50p off the additional item’s price.

Eg: 1 item £8.95
2 items £8.95 + £8.45 = £17.40
3 items £8.95 + £8.45 + £8.45 = £25.85

We also stock paper gaskets at 75p each, but these are ONLY available in 28mm & 30mm sizes at the moment.
Just tell us what you want, then add them to the order.

Mopedland > Spares > Carburettor Spacers