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Machined New Cyclemotor Drive Rollers and Special Extractors


Lohmann rollers

Lohmann cyclemotor, hard rubber drive roller, new manufacture.  £25 each.

Mini-Motor rollers

Trojan Mini-Motor all steel drive roller.  £60 each.  SOLD OUT—machining more, work in progress.

Drive rollers

Vincent Firefly steel drive roller assembly c/w metalastic core.  Service exchange—£70, or new—£80.

Worn out Firefly drive rollers purchased for £5 each.

Itom Tourist all steel drive roller.  New - £65 each.

Extractors and other tools

Bosch flywheel puller

Bosch later type small 100mm Ø magneto flywheel puller—£18 each.
fits NVT, Morini Franco engines, Garelli (horizontal motor models), Flandria, KTM Hobby, etc.  Also early Bosch 1950s’ steel 115mm Ø magneto flywheel type as fitted to NSU Quickly, etc.
M22 × 1.5mm

Bosch flywheel puller

Bosch 115mm Ø magneto flywheel puller for both early alloy & later type steel magneto flywheels.  £15 each.
M26 × 1.5mm.

Cucciolo flywheel puller

Ducati Cucciolo mag flywheel puller—£18
M22 × 1mm.

Firefly roller extractor

Firefly drive roller extractor—£12 each.

Honda flywheel puller

Honda mag flywheel puller—£14 each.
Dual-end threads for:
M24 × 1mm = P50, PC50, etc;
M27 × 1mm LH thread = C100, C50/70/90, etc

Itom Tourist roller extractor

Itom Tourist cyclemotor original ‘composite’ drive roller extractor—£15 each.
M24 × 1.5mm.

Itom Tourist roller extractor

Itom Tourist Replacement drive roller extractor—£12 each.

CEV flywheel puller

Kerry Capitano / Minarelli / CEV / Dansi mag flywheel puller.  Fits 2-port & 3-port CEV magneto flywheel types—£15 each.
M19 ×1mm.

Lavalette flywheel puller

Lavalette / Paloma / Hercules Corvette mag flywheel puller—£18.
M22 × 1mm.

Manurhin extractor

Manurhin Hobby scooter mag flywheel puller—£15 each.
M24 × 1.5mm.

Wipac flywheel puller

Miller type BS9 2-hole zinc mag flywheel with centre boss puller—£20.
4×holes @ 15/16" PCD.  4×2BA screws included with kit.  Also fits Wipac Series-90 4-hole ‘ported’ mag flywheel.

Mobylette clutch extractor

Miller type FW17 magneto flywheel extractor for Phillips Gadabout P39/P50, Panda Mk1/Mk2, Hercules Her-cu-motor, BSA Winged Wheel, etc—£16 each.

Mobylette clutch extractor

Miller type W7 3-hole brass mag flywheels with centre boss.  Extractor set—£20.
3 × holes @ 1¼" PCD.
The 3 threaded holes in the mag flywheel are No.6 ANC/UNC 0.138"Ø × 32tpi, and 3 machine screws are included with the kit.  For early Trojan Mini-Motor models, etc.

Mobylette clutch extractor

Mobylette/Raleigh clutch drum extractor (Blunt-end drive pin)—£12 each.

Mobylette cam extractor

Mobylette/Raleigh points cam extractor—£15 each.
M26 × 1mm.

Mobylette bush extractor

Mobylette metalastic bush extraction & re-fitting tool—£20 each.

Moto Guzzi flywheel puller

Moto-Guzzi Stornello 125 magneto flywheel puller—£18
May also fit other small capacity Moto-Guzzi magsets.
M22 × 1mm.

Bosch flywheel puller

NVT Easy Rider (Morini Franco engine) / Bosch 100mm Ø mag flywheel puller—£18 each.
M22 × 1.5mm.

Peugeot flywheel puller

Peugeot (all moped models)—£15 each.
M20 × 1mm.

Lucas flywheel puller

Raleigh RM1/RM2 Sturmey–Archer engine Lucas mag flywheel puller—£18.
M22 × 1.5mm.

Lucas flywheel puller

Raleigh RM1/RM2 Sturmey-Archer engine.  Drive pulley extractor 1"BSF×10tpi (internal thread)—Sold Out
Note: please don't try to prise this pulley off instead!  They're always very tight on the shaft.  The pulley is made of brittle cast iron and snaps like a biscuit, then it's a bit late to find out that replacements are practically unobtainable.

Sachs flywheel puller

Sachs clutch centre extractor & Sachs 98cc autocycle magneto flywheels—£15 each.
M27 × 1.25mm.

Simson flywheel puller

Simson/MZ50 (all models), Rhienmetal/Soemtron engines, Optima magneto flywheel puller—£15 each.
M27 × 1.25mm.

Villiers flywheel puller

Villiers 3K magneto flywheel puller—£15 each.
7/8" UNF × 14 TPI.
As used in Phillips P45 Gadabout, Norman Nippy Mk2 type-2, Norman Nippy Mk4, Norman Lido Mk1, Ambassador Moped, etc.

Wipac flywheel puller

Wipac 3-hole mag flywheel puller—£20 each.
For Wipac Bantamag & Wipac Series-90 (plain/un-ported) mag flywheels.  3 × holes @ 1¼" PCD
Note: Since Bantamag flywheels can be variously found with either 2BA or 3BA threaded extraction holes, this kit comes complete with both threaded bolt sizes.  Use correct thread to suit.

Wipac flywheel puller

Wipac 4-hole mag flywheel puller—£15 each.
For Wipac Series-90 (ported) mag flywheels.  4 × holes 2BA @ 1 5/16" PCD.

Wipac flywheel puller

Wipac Series-90 4-hole ‘ported’ mag flywheel puller—£20.
4×holes @ 15/16" PCD.  4×2BA screws included with kit.  Also fits Miller type BS9 2-hole zinc mag flywheels with centre boss.

Wipac flywheel puller

Wipac S1233 magneto flywheel extractor for Scott Cyc-Auto.—£20 each.

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