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Sample Work

Magnat Debon exhausts

A good friend of my dad came to see me about making some exhausts for his 1935 Magnat Debon.  After some research we came up with a design for the rear silencers, then it was my job to make them along with the front pipes.  I started with machining some spigots to fit the cylinder, from there back the front pipes were sand bent allowing for a nice sweeping bend.

Magnat Debon exhaust Magnat Debon exhaust Magnat Debon exhaust Magnat Debon exhaust Magnat Debon exhaust

The silencers I cast in aluminium, these were cast in two halves to allow them to be hollow, then welded together and finished to hide the welds.  The fish tails were made in the same way then an opening machined in the end and welded into the main body.  This join was also finished to hide the weld.  Everything was fitted up very carefully and mounting brackets made individually to ensure both pipes were parallel and at the same height.  I am very pleased with how these turned out and the owner even more so.

Magnat Debon fuel cap

Fuel cap that I made for the Magnat Debon to replace the broken old one.  Hopefully this one will do another 86 years!

Magnat Debon exhaust

CR250 cylinder head

Here is a cylinder head from a 1978 Honda CR250 ‘Red Rocket’.  It came to me with two damaged cooling fins, one was broken and the other one was bent.  I traced out the missing part and cut it out of some material of the same thickness, I then TIG-welded it into place and carefully filed and sanded it to blend in with the original fin.  The bent fin was straightened with a little heat at the end of the job as being bent allowed better access for the welding.  With a quick aqua blast and some original Honda red paint you’d never know it was broken!

Magnat Debon exhaust Magnat Debon exhaust Magnat Debon exhaust Magnat Debon exhaust

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