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I have many other parts not listed for sale.  Please contact me via for any Casal part you may need.

Casal fuel tank
Casal fuel tank

Vintage Casal Gas Tank, NOS, never used, excellent shape for being 30 plus years old.
Does not included gas cap or fuel petcock.
$175 plus shipping.

Casal saddle
Casal saddle

Casal Long Seat, Still in factory plastics, beautiful condition.
May fit other moped. Casal part # 0001682210000
$160 plus shipping.

Casal air filter element

Air Filters
New, aluminum, sealed in wrappers.
2" / 50mm diameter.
7 available.  $15 each.
Casal part # 0001430411000

Casal cables

Front Brake Cable
NOS, with black cable housing.
46" total length.
40 available.  $20 each.
Casal part # 0001681740000

Casal cable

Left Grip Gear Select Cable, NOS, black cable housing
42" total length
15 available.   $20 each
Casal part # unknown

Casal engine side cover

Left Engine Side Cover, Used
2 different styles.
2 available.  $30 each
Casal part # unknown

Casal clutch case

Right side Engine Cover
NOS part — cover has Casal insignia on side.
Clutch cam & internal mechanism included.
3 available.  $50 each.
Casal part # 0001480131000

Casal capacitor

Capacitor, $8 each.

Casal chain guard

Chain Guards, NOS, chrome finish, still in packaging.  Very nice condition.
4 available.  $55 each.
Casal part # 0001661612000

Casal chain guard

Chain Guards, NOS in the plastic packaging.
5 available.   $55 each.
Casal part # 0001961413100

Casal crank kit

Crankshafts, NOS, still in the boxes.
2 different types.
Complete with bearings, wristpin, wristpin bearing and 2 woodruff keys
5 available.  $225.00 each.
Casal part # 0001400313000 round crank (for M140 engine)
Casal part # 0001480315000 square crank (for M148 engine)
(I believe this information is correct.  Please contact me for more specific information or questions.)

Casal cylinders
Casal cylinders

Engine Cylinders, NOS, 48mm bore.
2 different cylinder styles.
May fit Zündapp engines.
1 "small square" design available.  $90.00 each.
1 larger cylinder design available.  $150.00 each.
Casal part #'s unknown

Engine Cylinders, NOS, 40mm bore.
2 different cylinder styles.
May fit Zündapp engines.
1 "small square" design available.  $90.00 each
1 larger cylinder design available.  $150.00 each
2 cylinder "square" type heads available.  $39.00 each
2 40mm pistons available.  Please email for pricing.
Casal part #'s unknown

Casal engine gaskets

Miscellaneous Engine Gaskets.  Head, Base, Case & Intake gaskets
May also fit Zündapp engines.
Many available.  $3 each
Casal part #s unknown

Casal exhaust

Exhaust System, New, chrome finish and in beautiful condition.
Complete 2 piece with hanger bracket.
2 available.  Exhaust Muffler, $120 each.  Exhaust Pipe, $45 each.
Casal part # 15409300 muffler
Casal part # 15409200 header pipe

Casal fork gaiters

Front Fork Dust Cover Boots (Fork gaiters)
5" / 127mm total length.
1" / 25mm small end diameter.
1.5" / 38mm large end diameter.
May fit many other makes & models.
34 sets available, $30 pair.
Casal part # 0001601214400

Casal fork set
Casal fork set

Front Fork Assembly—complete, NOS with dust cover boots and triple tree.  (Does not include headlamp bracket.)
7 available — 6 silver metallic / 1 bronze metallic.  $200 each.
Casal part # 0501931220000

Casal front mudguard stays

Front Fender Brackets
11" / 280mm in length.
2 bolt holes on lower sides.
2 welded nuts on top of bracket.
24 available.  $25 each.
Casal part # 0001961912000

Casal handlebar clamps

Handlebar Brackets
NOS, polished aluminum.
3 sets available.  $30 pair.
Casal part # 0001661212000

Casal headlamp brackets

Headlight Stays (brackets)
New, still in wrappings.
2 sets available — 1 metallic silver / 1 metallic bronze.  $30 pair.
Casal # 0001661213000

Casal hubs
Casal hubs

Front & Rear Wheel Hubs
Parts are still wrapped in plastic.
2 sets available.  $175 per set.

Front hub is 36 spoke with new brake pads & axle.
Casal part # 0001601531000

Rear hub is 36 spoke with new brake pads, axle & chain adjusters.
Casal part # 0001961520000

Casal ignition switch
Casal lock set

Ignition Switch, New with 2 keys.
8 available.  $39 each.
Casal key part #0001701813200

Casal magneto
Casal magneto

Motoplat Stator Assembly — complete.
New, vintage part.
May be compatible with other engines.
Motoplat part # 9600095
3 available.  Complete $200.
Casal # 0001480830000

Casal mirrors
Casal mirrors

Mirror Sets
NOS, chrome finish still in plastic.
10 sets available.  $16 per set.
Casal part # 0001671314000 right mirror
Casal part # 0001671313000 left mirror

Casal pedals

Pedal Sets
New in plastic.
Not specific to Casal.  Should fit many other mopeds.  £10 per set.

Casal rear brake rid

Rear Brake Rod, NOS, may fit other mopeds.
21" total length
10 available.  $10 each.
Casal part # 0001661751000

Casal rear sproc<b>ket

Rear Sprockets
NOS, will need to be polished.
37 tooth.
10 available.  $40 each.
Casal part # unknown

Casal rear suspension units

Rear Shock Set, NOS—13"/330mm from eyelet to eyelet.
Only 1 set available.  $70.
Casal part # 000197430000

Casal side panels

Body Side Panels
For US model K196, may fit others.
Blue with white stripes.
2 sets available.  $90 pair.
Casal part # 000190103400

Casal top yoke

Steering Triple Tree
NOS, still wrapped in plastic.
Chrome finish.
5 available.  $15 each.
Casal part # unknown

Casal wheel adjuster

Rear Wheel Chain Adjuster
NOS, unpackaged.
May fit other mopeds.
40 pairs available.  $5 pair.
Casal part # unknown

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